The Comunica Trophy brings to the stage more than 40 boats through the Vigo and Pontevedra estuaries


Crews from Galicia and Portugal compete in the first major cruise regatta of the year organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona with the collaboration of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and the Marina de Combarro

· The company from A Guarda Comunica Comunicación Visual sponsors for the sixth consecutive year a competition that will stage more than 40 boats through the Vigo and Pontevedra estuaries

· The two coastal regattas in which they will compete will leave at twelve noon from Combarro and at two in the afternoon from Vigo, both heading for Baiona with weather forecasts announcing good winds for the fleet

Start of a previous edition of the Comunica Trophy in front of the olive city – Photo © Rosana Calvo

More than 40 boats from Galicia and Portugal will compete in the first cruise competition that the Monte Real Club de Yates brings to the stage in 2022. The Comunica Trophy, which the club from Baiona organizes together with the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and the Marina de Combarro with the sponsorship of the company A Guarda Comunica Comunicación Visual, will include two coastal regattas that will cross the Pontevedra and Vigo estuaries.

At twelve noon, a group of 8 crews will leave Combarro for Baiona with some 23 miles of track ahead of them. On the route, the sailboats will sail around the Ons and Cíes islands, and will have the La Negra and Carallones beacons as obligatory steps. Sailing from Combarro will be boats such as the Ronáutica Marinas by Jorge Carnero (CN San Telmo), the Maracaná by Carlos García (RCM Aguete), La Increible, by Manuel Cameans (Ro Yacht Club) or the Balea Dous by Luis Pérez (RCN Rodeira), among others.

At two in the afternoon the starting horn will be given to the fleet that Vigo chose as its starting point, a larger group made up of more than 30 teams. For them, the regatta instructions foresee different courses, among which the most suitable one will be chosen according to the wind and sea conditions, which according to the forecasts will be quite good.

The Comunica Trophy opens the Monte Real cruise calendar – Photo © Rosana Calvo

On the 13 to 20 mile route between Vigo and Baiona, boats such as Julio Rodríguez’s Magical (RCN Vigo), Vicente Cid’s Deep Blue 2.1 (RNC Vigo), Javier Rey’s Secolite (RNC Vigo) will compete in the ORC class. MRCYB), La Burla Negra by Juan José Martínez (CN Castrelo de Miño), Unus by Luis García Trigo (MRCYB), Nahela by Victor Manuel Álvarez (CD Alagua), or the Portuguese crew of (Yate Clube do Porto), led by Joao Allen, among others.

4 boats have registered to compete in the A Dos category, with a skipper and a single crew member on board. They are the Salaño Dos by Jacobo Vecino and Brenda Maure (RCN Vigo), the Bonaventure by José Luis Ríos and María Jesús Montes (RCN Vigo), the Lacazán by Mariano Benavente and Roberto Telle (LM Bouzas) and the Alalunga by Rodrigo Rodríguez Gutierrez. and Rodrígo Rodríguez Campos (CM Canido).

All the ORCs will compete with compensated times and the one designs J80 and Fígaros will do so in real time. Among the 8-meter fleet will be the Miudo by Yago Marquina, the Namasté by Luis de Mira, the Spaco by Santiago Estévez, the Cansino by Alejandra Suárez, the Alboroto by Javier Aguado, the Pazo de Cea by María Campos, the ¡Ay Carmela ! by Juan Martínez-Pazo (LM Bouzas), or the Due by Rafael Blanco (RCN Portosín), among others.

And in the Figaro class, 6 monotypes owned by the Monte Real Yacht Club will compete with crews made up of students from the Club’s Sailing School, among which there will be some women’s teams. Monte Real continues one more year with its commitment to women’s sailing and in this competition it will award a special prize to the best boat manned by women.

After the competition in the water, the Comunica Trophy will end on land with the awarding of trophies to the winners of the different categories. It will be in an act scheduled for seven in the afternoon in which the general director of Comunica Comunicación Visual, Roberto Lira; accompanied by the president of the Monte Real Yacht Club, José Luis Álvarez; and authorities of the Xunta de Galicia, the Provincial Council of Pontevedra and the City Council of Baiona.


12:00 – Start of the COMBARRO regatta – BAIONA (22 miles)
14:00 – Departure regatta VIGO – BAIONA (15 miles)
19:00 – Awards ceremony at the Monte Real Yacht Club (Baiona)