Sanxenxo, Vigo and Baiona united by the Comunica Trophy


· The cruise competition of the Monte Real Yacht Club changes its format this year and adds the Sanxenxo-Baiona coastal route to the Vigo-Baiona route that was being held

· Both tests will be held next Saturday afternoon and one-design sailboats of the J80 and Fígaro class will also be able to participate

· The visual communication company of A Guarda Comunica sponsors and names for the second consecutive year the trophy that opens the cruise calendar in Baiona


The Comunica Trophy will unite this Saturday the fishing towns of Sanxenxo, Vigo and Baiona in what will be the first major cruise competition organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club in 2018.

With the collaboration of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and the Galician Sailing Federation, the Baiona club changes the format of the trophy this year and adds a new coastal route to the Vigo-Baiona route, between Sanxenxo and Baiona.

There will therefore be two starting points with different distances to the same arrival point. The sailboats that listen to the starting line in the port of Lilac will have to complete about 18 miles to the bay of Baiona, and those that do the same from the Vigo yacht will have a journey of about 12 miles ahead of them.

If the wind is allied with the organization and allows the scheduled program to be fulfilled, the regatta committee will start at one in the afternoon for the Sanxenxo fleet and at two for the Vigo fleet, and will set some obligatory points of passage until the finish line, which will be located near the Baiona breakwater.
In addition to cruiser and cruiser-regatta type sailboats, J80 and Fígaros class one-designs may participate in the competition, which will take place in real time; and there will also be an Open class for boats with less competitive capacity.

In the absence of several days for the registration period to close, which will remain open until the day before the development of the tests, some of the most outstanding sailing cruisers in Galicia have already confirmed their presence in the competition, such as the Fend la Bise by Jean Claude Sarrade, current Galician champion of solitaire and two; La Burla Negra, by Juan José Martínez; or the Bosch Service Solutions, of Commodore de Canido, Ramón Ojea. A large number of J80s will also participate, as they continue to prepare for the Spanish Championship of the class to be held in Baiona at the end of April.

Once the trophy tests are finished, the prizes will be awarded to the winners, in an event that will be held at the Monte Real Club de Yates and in which, among others, representatives of the organizing club and Comunica, the sponsoring company, will participate. It is a visual communication firm that offers its services throughout Galicia from the municipality of A Guarda, where its headquarters are located.

In the last edition of the Comunica Trophy, the Oral Group Galimplant, from the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, skippered by Pedro Pazos; and the Balea Dous of the Real Club Náutico de Rodeira, led by Luis Pérez; in the Cruise-Regatta and Cruise categories respectively. In the one-design competition, the prizes stayed in Baiona, with the victory of two boats from the Monte Real Club de Yates. Manuel María Cunha’s Marías won in the J80 class, and Silleiro, with Santi Meigide in the lead, in the Figaro class.

Friday, April 20, 2018

From 10:00 to 20:00:

Enrollment and registration
Presentation of documentation
Delivery of Instructions

Saturday, April 21, 2018

13:00 – Start test SANXENXO-BAIONA

14:00 – Test start VIGO-BAIONA

19:00 (approx.) – Awards Ceremony at the MRCYB







The Comunica Trophy will be organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates (MRCYB), with the collaboration of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo. There will be two departures, from the Ría de Vigo and from the Ría de Pontevedra.



It will be held in the waters of the Ría de Vigo, Ría de Pontevedra and Baiona Bay on Saturday, April 21, 2018.



The Regatta will be run according to the provisions in force of the following regulations:

a) The “rules” as defined in the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 – 2020 (RRS).
b) The 2018 Cruise Technical Regulation and its annexes (RTC).
c) Respective regulations with the adaptations made by the MRCYB for this regatta of the J80 and figaros one-design classes.
d) The IMS and ORC 2018 Regulations.
e) World Sailing Special Rules for Offshore Regattas, Category 4 (ORC).
f) This Announcement of Race.
g) The Sailing Instructions, which may modify any of the previous sections.


Participation in this regatta is limited to boats with an ORC International or Club certificate valid for 2018, whose GPH is less than 770 s/mile, as well as the J80 and Figaro monotypes.

Groups and Classes:

An ORC group is established that will be divided into classes, as well as those of the different monotypes:

Cruise (*) ORC
Special Open (**) ORC Non-competitive
J80 class J80 monotypes
Figaro Class (***) Figaro Monotypes

(*) In ORC, in view of the registrations made and as soon as their effective participation in the regatta is verified, the Regatta Committee and Organizing Committee will establish the classes and cuts of the same seeking the greatest possible equity, not admitting claims about.

(**) In the Special Open Class, only authentically No Level boats will be admitted in the classes indicated in (*) and that do not have a minimum competitive capacity despite their size and GPH, as well as especially slow designs, very old, etc.

– In any case, the Regatta Committee and the Organizing Committee of the regatta will have the power to include, at their discretion, in the Open Class the boats they deem appropriate, not admitting claims in this regard.

(***) The Figaros, if they do not achieve the minimum number of 3 to compete as a one design, will race in ORC with an estimated GPH, no claims being accepted in this regard.

To form a class, there must be a minimum of 5 registered (except in Figaros, which will be a minimum of 3).

The monotypes will compulsorily compete on the route from the Ria de Vigo. And they will rank only in their class.



Participants must comply with the eligibility conditions reflected in Regulation 19 of World Sailing and the prescriptions of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation related to said regulation.

Participants of nationality or legal residence in Spain must be in possession of the sports federation license for 2018.



Participants may display advertising in accordance with the provisions of World Sailing Regulation 20 and the FGVELA Advertising and Competition Regulations.

In accordance with World Sailing Regulation 20, participants may be required to display advertising on the forward 20% of the hull on each side of the boat and on the sides of the boom, as well as possible advertising pennants on the backstay of each boat. All this would be provided at the MRCYB race office (*) once your registration is confirmed.

(*) Also on Saturday the 21st, at the RCN Vigo and RCN Sanxenxo regatta offices, the regatta instructions and stickers will be handed out.

Modifications to the stickers provided by the organizing committee are not allowed. Violation of this IR will entail a penalty of 2 places in the test.

The Monte Real Club de Yates reserves the right to demand the elimination or substitution of any type of advertising, message or image displayed during the celebration of the event of the boats or the equipment of their crew members, which does not comply with the moral and ethical standards of general acceptance (Regulation 20 of the World Sailing) or contravene the interests of the organizing club. This includes holding races on the regatta course, at the club’s facilities or while at the regatta committee’s disposal.

The owner or skipper of the boat with advertising will be asked to indicate or show the type of advertising that will be displayed during the celebration of the regatta, for the approval of the organizing committee.

The participating owners and crews grant their authorization to the MRCYB so that any photograph, image or video of people or boats taken during the days of the regatta may be published in any medium, such as television advertisements, editorial comments, information, advertising etc.



The inscriptions will necessarily be formalized in the official form. (The same that accompanies this announcement and/or is also available at

Registration will be FREE. In addition, the participating vessels will have:

1. 50% discount on the cost of registration for the Repsol Trophy to be held on April 28 and 29 and May 1.

2. A boat participating in each and every one of the following regattas:

 Communicate Trophy
 Repsol Trophy
 Count of Gondomar Trophy

You will get free registration for the 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy.

The registration must be submitted or submitted with the following documentation:
• Registration form duly covered and signed.
• Photocopy of the updated licenses of all the crew members of the ship.
• For foreign athletes who do not have a federative license or athlete’s medical insurance that insures them in the event of an accident, they must prove that they have insurance against accidents and illness valid in Spain.
• Valid ORC measurement certificate (ORC fleet only).
• Class Association annual fee payment certificate (J80).
• Photocopy of civil liability insurance and damage to third parties for a minimum coverage of €336,556 and coverage for all crew members on board, and policy extension for participation in non-professional regattas.
• List of security elements (depending on whether ORC or Monotype) duly covered and signed.

The application for registration must have the approval of the Organizing Committee of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

The documents will be sent or presented at the MRCYB before Friday, April 20 at

National Parador Enclosure, s/n – 36300 Baiona
phone + 34 986 38 50 00 Fax. + 34 986 35 50 61

The documents for registration are available on our website

Registration of Participants: Each owner or skipper must register and personally sign the registration form at the MRCYB regatta office (*) before 1:00 p.m. on April 21, 2018

The registration of a boat will not be accepted if, before the time indicated in paragraph 7.6, it does not present the documents specified in 7.3 at the regatta office (*) or does not have the approval of the organizing committee.

(*) On Saturday the 21st, at the RCN Vigo and RCN Sanxenxo regatta offices, participants will also be able to confirm registrations and will be given the Regatta Instructions and advertising stickers for the boats

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to admit registrations after the indicated date.



After the awards ceremony, a Baiona – RCN Vigo – RCN Sanxenxo bus will leave for sailors who request it at the time of registration.

The sailing instructions will show the different courses that can be done for all or for the different classes if necessary.

Except for the Monotypes that will always leave from Vigo, the ships of the ORC fleet will be able to choose to leave from Sanxenxo or from Vigo.



Measurements and certificate and safety checks may be carried out by the measurement committee before and after the regatta.



The Low Score System Appendix A4 of the RRV will apply.



ORC rankings will be established according to one of the following compensation systems:

For the Classification of each version, North or East:
a) Composite route, and if not possible,

a.1) Applying the values specified in each certificate for Ocean PCS if the wind is stable.

a.2) Offshore OSN if there are large roles and oscillations in wind intensity.
And for the Joint Classification of both versions, GPH will be applied.
All this always at the discretion of the regatta official, not admitting claims in this regard.

Class classifications will be established (provided that the provisions of points 4.2. and 4.3 are met).

Monotype classes will only classify in real time.



The safety of the regatta is considered as Category 4 (ORC) in accordance with the Special Rules of Regatta of the World Sailing (for one-designs it will be a specific one adapted for it).

The participants undertake to carry on board, under their responsibility, the updated regulatory documentation of the boat, as well as the appropriate qualification for the handling of the boat and the navigation to be carried out.



The list of prizes will be exposed in the TOA and the club’s website in view of the participants and registered, before the start of the test.



The boats formally registered in this regatta and that do not belong to the MRCYB fleet, will have a free mooring or anchoring place (mooring under the exclusive responsibility of the owner or skipper) reserved in the MRCYB during the regatta days (April 21). The free mooring can be extended until Sunday May 6 if they participate in the Spring Regatta- REPSOL Trophy on April 28, 29 and May 1, 2018.



The Race Committee will use channel 72 VHF for its communications during the events. All participating boats must carry on board an operational VHF radio receiver equipped with, at a minimum, VHF channels 09 (156.450Mhz), 16 (156.800Mhz) and 72 (156.610Mhz).



The awards ceremony will take place at the MRCYB on the same day as the regatta, Saturday April 21, where a sailor’s feast will also be served.



All boats participating in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The Monte Real Club de Yates, as the Organizing Committee or any other person or body involved in the organization of the event, rejects any responsibility for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that may occur to persons or things, both on land and at sea, as consequence of participating in the tests covered by this Notice of Race.

Attention is drawn to the Fundamental Rule 4 DECISION TO RACE, of part 1 of the RRS that establishes:

“It is the exclusive responsibility of a boat to decide whether to participate in a test or to continue racing”


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