The J80 national title in contention


· Cantabria, the Balearic Islands, Galicia and the Basque Country will participate in the contest for the national J80 that will be held until May 1 in the waters of Baiona

· The Galicians De la Gándara and Lago, the Cantabrian Piris or the Balearic Chacártegui and Aguado are among the favorites to win the title

· After a day of measurements and revisions, tomorrow, Saturday, the competition begins in the framework of the 41st Spring Regatta of the Monte Real Yacht Club

· In addition to the national J80, the Galician Rías Baixas will host until May 1 the cruiser, Figaros and J70 competitions for the Repsol Trophy


Traditionally, the J80 class does not sell its national and international titles cheaply and everything indicates that the XII Spanish J80 Championship, which will be held starting tomorrow Saturday in Baiona as part of the Repsol Trophy of Monte Real, is going to present a tough contest between the boats that will haggle for the scepter.

Cantabria with four J80 monotypes, the Balearic Islands with two, Galicia with nearly a fortnight and the Basque Country with one representative, present credentials for the dispute over the Spanish Championship for the competitive J80 boats.

The intense activity that the Cantabrian, Galician and Basque fleets have developed throughout the autumn and winter, under an intense program of regattas in their respective venues, presumes intense competition. After a day of measurements and reviews, the tests for the national title begin this Saturday at three in the afternoon.

Favorites with impeccable track record

The local Javier de la Gándara and his team aboard the Okofen and the J80 Virazón de Miguel Lago will put their great performance in recent months and their knowledge of the area’s regatta course into play against other rivals who will go all out.

This is the case of the Cantabrian Mercury of Jaime Piris, runner-up in Spain 2017, or the Maui Jim Sunglasses of the Menorcan Javier Aguado who closed the national podium last year. In addition, we must take into account the AD Garatu Basque team skippered by Juan Vázquez, third classified in the prestigious French regatta Spi Ouest 2018.

From the Balearic Islands, de Chacártegui will try to revalidate the national victory it achieved in 2016. The two-time world champion team from Cantabria, Aila, normally skippered by José María Torcida, will present a new skipper in the fight for the national title.

In total, more than twenty J80 monotypes that until Tuesday, May 1, will fight relentlessly to register their name in a national benchmark at a sporting level due to their great competitive level and that is part of the Repsol Trophy of the Monte Real Yacht Club. from Baiona.

Cruisers, figaros and J70 compete for “spring”

Forty-one years in 2018 one of the competitions with the longest run of the Monte Real Yacht Club, the Spring Regatta, which once again becomes the Repsol Trophy thanks to the sponsorship of the energy company, turns forty-one years old.

In this forty-first edition, in addition to the contest for the national J80, we will see some of the most outstanding cruisers in the Galician nautical scene compete, such as the Fend la Bise by Jean Claude Sarrade or the Gaias Clinic by José María Peinó, both champions Galician solitaires and two.

Also competing for the three scheduled coastal cruisers will be the recent winners of the Monte Real Winter Regatta, the Atlantic MBA of the Portuguese Rui Ramada; the Oral Group of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo skippered by Pedro Pazos; and the Balea Dous by Luis Pérez, wearing the Rodeira nautical pendant.

Among the J70, which will compete at the Cíes Islands anchorage during the weekend, renowned sailors such as Pichu Torcida, Rayco Tabares or Luis Bugallo, in addition to the Pérez Canal brothers. Completing the classes of the trophy are the Figaros, a fleet in which the monotypes of Monte Real will be the protagonists.



14:30 – Coastal ORCs and Figaros (departure from the Bay of Baiona)
14:30 – Barlosotas J70 (at the Cíes Islands anchorage)
15:00 – Spanish J80 Championship (barlosotas in the Bay of Baiona)


11:00 – Spanish Championship J80 (barlosotas in the Bay of Baiona)
12:00 – Barlosotas J70 (at the Cíes Islands anchorage)
13:00 – Coastal ORCs and Figaros (departure from the Bay of Baiona)


11:00 – Spanish Championship J80 (barlosotas in the Bay of Baiona)


11:00 – Spanish Championship J80 (barlosotas in the Bay of Baiona)
11:30 – Coastal ORCs and Figaros (departure from the Bay of Baiona)
16:00 – Award ceremony (village of Monte Real Yacht Club)

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