Monte Real will be the first club in Galicia to offer the prestigious RYA nautical courses


The courses of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) are the most prestigious and recognized worldwide in the nautical world

· The programs that will be taught in Baiona will allow obtaining different official international qualifications

· Monte Real will also offer the possibility of obtaining the Navigation License, the PNB, the PER or the Skipper and Yacht Captain qualifications


The Monte Real Club de Yachts de Baiona will become this year the first yacht club in Galicia and the entire Spanish Bay of Biscay to offer in its facilities the prestigious courses of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), the most recognized worldwide within the nautical world.

They will be a series of training programs, mainly practical, in which students will be able to acquire different skills and knowledge related to navigation and thus obtain official certificates of competence valid for sailing in numerous countries around the world.

The Royal Yachting Association , based in the United Kingdom, is today the most prestigious international training organization, and obtaining one of its qualifications gives sailors the necessary certification to navigate foreign waters. It also facilitates procedures such as boat rental or the processing of nautical insurance in other countries.

Its training method is eminently practical, focused on real navigation, and a student-instructor ratio that does not exceed 5 to 1, which guarantees a more complete training and personalized attention. International certificates are also awarded through a demanding practical test with a qualified examiner on board.

Courses on “Competent crew” (course for crew members who want to go from being passengers to being active members of the crew, which is carried out on board a sailboat for 5 days, learning navigation techniques, and which enables them to navigate daytime crossings in familiar waters), “Day skipper” (course for aspiring skippers with experience in sailing equivalent to the PER qualification but more practical and in English, which enables day and night coastal navigation), “Coastal skipper” (course that requires a greater number of requirements to obtain the title and that provides theoretical knowledge equivalent to a yacht skipper, to navigate day and night voyages without losing sight of the coast) and that of “Yachtmaster offshore” (course for expert sailors who will be able to act as skippers in sailboats of up to 200gt and 150 miles from the coast),

The Baionese club will be able to offer these courses thanks to an agreement signed with the Julio Verne Náutica company, which will be in charge of providing training, both theoretical and practical, at the Monte Real facilities.

The process of homologation of the courses has suffered a delay due to the situation derived from COVID19, but it is expected to culminate in the near future and it will be this year when they begin to be taught in Baiona.

In addition to turning it into an RYA training center, the agreement signed with Julio Verne Náutica will also allow Monte Real to complement its training offer with the possibility of obtaining the Navigation license , the GNP , the PER , the extension of the powers of the PER or the qualifications of Skipper and Yachtsman .

Also, at the club’s Cruise Sailing School, new training will begin on route planning, meteorology, night navigation and watchkeeping, or electronic aids, among others . In all of them, as in the RYA courses and in obtaining the rest of the qualifications, Monte Real members will have priority access to the courses and special discounts on their prices.

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