Baiona warms up engines for the Spanish Optimist Championship with the Cenor Regatta


· The Monte Real Club de Yates hosts next weekend a regional qualifier prior to the national class to be held at Easter

· More than 100 young sailors from 11 clubs from different parts of Galicia will compete in up to six races in two regatta days in Baiona

· The results of the competition will be added to the ranking of the Optimist class in Galicia from which those chosen to compete in the Spanish Championship will come out


The fishing village of Baiona warms up for the Spanish Optimist Championship that it will host at Easter with the celebration, this weekend, of the Cenor Regatta, a regional qualifying class prior to the national one. It will be a competition in which more than 100 boys and girls between 9 and 15 years old will haggle, coming from up to 11 clubs from different parts of Galicia.

The Real Club Náutico de Vigo, with 26 children, will be the club with the greatest representation in the water, followed by the Real Club Náutico de A Coruña with 22 sailors competing and the Club Marítimo de Canido with 18. Athletes from Sanxenxo, Rodeira, Aguete, Panxón, Ribeira, Oza and Ferrol will also compete in this qualifying round. For the Monte Real Club de Yates, organizer of the competition, 6 sailors will participate, among which Pablo Marquina stands out, the athlete from Monte Real who has achieved the best results so far in the Galician ranking.

In the sports program of the event, six tests are planned, with a maximum of three per day, being necessary to complete a single sleeve so that the classification can be considered valid.

The competition will begin on Saturday at half past one in the afternoon, once the regatta office procedures and the meeting of coaches and team leaders have been completed; and on Sunday, starting at ten o’clock, the last rounds will be played.

The little ones will sail in a fleet, they will score in real time, they will have the possibility of discarding their worst mark from the fourth race and their results will be added to the ranking of the regional Optimist class, from which the 20 chosen to represent Galicia in the Spanish Championship held in Baiona at Easter.

With the aim of complying with all COVID19 protocols and applying the maximum control and prevention of contagion during the competition, there will be no more social events than the delivery of trophies to the winners, which will be held on Sunday at six in the afternoon.

Likewise, measures such as taking the temperature prior to access to Monte Real, exhaustive hand washing, maintaining an interpersonal distance of one and a half meters, the obligation to always carry hydroalcoholic gel and to navigate at all times will be mandatory. with mask. In addition, the coaches’ meetings will be held outdoors and participants will be able to consult the classifications, images and other materials of the regatta by scanning QR codes distributed throughout the club with their mobile phones.

The Optimist Qualifier is organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club and the Royal Galician Sailing Federation and is sponsored by the Galician appliance and technology group Cenor. The firm, born in Santiago de Compostela in the early 1990s, currently works with more than 200 stores throughout northern Spain and maintains a firm commitment to sport, which it sponsors with the aim of promoting values in society. like work and effort.


9:00 Opening of the race office
11:00 Meeting of coaches and team managers
13:30 Start of the first test of the day
18:00 Theatrical track race in Baiona

10:00 Start of the first test of the day
18:00 Awards ceremony

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