ORC Cruisers and J80 Monotypes
July 23 to 25, 2021

The 46th COUNT OF GONDOMAR TROPHY – ZELNOVA ZELTIA BANCO SABADELL GRAND PRIX will be held in Galician waters on July 23, 24 and 25, 2021, under the organization of the Monte Real Yacht Club (MRCYB).


The regatta will be governed by:

a) The regatta rules as defined in the World Sailing (WS) Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

b) The Cruise Technical Regulations and their annexes in force.

c) The Rules of the ORC Rating System

d) The IMS Measurement Regulations, the Habitability and Equipment Rules.

and)[DP][NP] The Regulations with the adaptations made by the MRCYB for this regatta, of the J80 one-design class.

f) The Special Rules for high seas regattas of WS, Category 3 (Height Course to Carrumeiro) and Category 4 reduced for the other routes.

g) Special rules of the RFGV and SDX (Secretaría Xeral para o Deporte de la Xunta de Galicia) for COVID19 prevention, specified in the IR. [DP]

h) In the rules that govern this regatta, the notification[NP] refers to the fact that an infraction of this rule will not be a reason for protests between boats (modifies RRS 60.1 (a)).

i) In the case of navigation between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., part B of the RIPAM will apply, replacing part 2 of the RRS.

j) Between 9:00 p.m. each day and 8:00 a.m. the following day, part B of the International Regulations to prevent collisions at sea will apply, replacing Part 2 of the 2021 Sailing Regattas Regulations. – 2024.


2.1 Participants must meet the eligibility conditions reflected in Regulation 19 of the WS, and in the Prescriptions of the RFEV to said Regulation.

2.2 Participants of nationality or with legal residence in Spain or who compete in boats attached to a Spanish club, must be in possession of the sports federation license for the year 2021.

2.3 For foreign athletes who do not have a federative license or athlete medical insurance that insures them in the event of an accident, they must prove that they have insurance against accidents and illness valid in Spain.


3.1 Participants may display advertising in accordance with Regulation 20 of the WS, and must have the corresponding authorization from the Royal Galician Sailing Federation.

3.2 In accordance with regulation 20.4 of the WS, participants may be required to display advertising in the front 20% of the hull on each side of the boat and on the sides of the boom, as well as possible advertising pennants in the backstay of each boat. . All this would be provided at the regatta office once your registration is confirmed.

3.3 Modifications to the stickers provided by the organizing committee are not allowed. If carried out, the organizing committee may impose penalties.

3.4 The MRCYB reserves the right to demand the elimination or substitution of any type of publicity, message or image displayed during the celebration of the event of the boats or the equipment of their crew members, which does not comply with the moral standards and generally accepted ethics (WS regulation 20) or contravene the interests of the organizing club. This includes holding races on the regatta course, at the club’s facilities or while at the regatta committee’s disposal.

3.5 The person in charge of each boat with advertising will be asked to indicate or show the type of advertising that will be displayed during the regatta, for the approval of the organizing committee.

3.6 Those responsible for each participating boat grant their authorization to the MRCYB so that any photograph, image or video of people or boats taken during the days of the regatta may be published in any medium, such as television advertisements, editorial comments, information , advertising, etc


4.1 Participation in general in the 46th CONDE DE GONDOMAR TROPHY – ZELNOVA ZELTIA BANCO SABADELL GRAND PRIX will be for cruisers with an ORC and ORC CLUB Certificate valid for 2021 whose GPH does not exceed 780 s/mile, as well as for Monotypes J80.

4.2 For the 46th CONDE DE GONDOMAR TROPHY – ZELNOVA ZELTIA BANCO SABADELL GRAND PRIX, the ORC fleet will be divided into groups, Conde Gondomar Trophy and Erizana Trophy, and in turn into classes, as long as there is a minimum of 5 boats registered per class. If any of the classes do not form, their boats will go to the class where the GPH is closest to them, the groups will be established based on the list of entries.

0-1< 565 sec/mile
2 Between 565 and< 610s/mile
3 Between 610 and< 650s/mile
4 Between 650 and< 700s/mile
5> 700s/mile

4.3 For the high altitude course, only boats with an ORC certificate of GPH less than 700 s/mile may participate.

4.4 The J80 boats will only compete in one design, and there must be a minimum of 5 registered to form the class.


5.1 Registrations.

5.1.1 The inscriptions will necessarily be formalized in the form located on the MRCYB WEB and must be sent by email together with a photocopy of the valid Measurement Certificate, before July 21, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. to:, being able to make any telephone inquiries by calling TEL. + 34 986 38 50 00.

5.1.2 Registration fees are set at:

ORC 0-1-2-3> Count of Gondomar Trophy €120 / Hedgehog Trophy €100
Other ORC Classes> Count of Gondomar Trophy 80 / Hedgehog Trophy € 80 €
Monotype J80> Hedgehog Trophy €80
Figaro> Hedgehog Trophy €80

5.1.3 Registrations that are formalized before July 10 will have a 50% discount.

5.1.4 The payment of the registration fees will be proven by presenting the photocopy of the transfer made where it must reflect the name of the boat or sail number to:

Account number: ES80 0081 2308 6100 0108 3014

5.2 Confirmation of registration

5.2.1 The person in charge of each boat must register and personally sign the form at the Race Office before 10:00 a.m. on July 23, 2021.

5.2.2 The registration is conditioned to the presentation before the appointed time of the following documents:

a) Valid ORC Measurement Certificate for the year 2021 (ORC fleet only).

b) Current insurance policy that covers civil liability (damage to third parties and property) or extension of coverage for civil liability and damage to third parties up to a minimum amount of 336.556 euros.

c) For Spanish crew members, sports federation license for the year 2021.



Thursday, July 22 – 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

* Opening of the Regatta Office
* Registration of participants
* Deliver Regatta Instructions
* Security check on boats

Thursday, July 22 – 8:00 p.m.

* Pattern meeting

Friday, July 23 – 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

* Opening of the Regatta Office
* Registration of participants
* Deliver Regatta Instructions

Friday, July 23 – 11:00 a.m. – Conde de Gondomar Trophy

* Baiona – Carrumeiro Chico – Baiona (Cíes Sur) 95 miles approx.

Saturday, July 24 – 12:00 pm – Hedgehog Trophy

* Coastal Tour of Ons. 32 miles approx. or Bayonne – Camouco
– Baiona (South Cies). 29 miles approx. (or another alternative route for the different Classes).

Sunday, July 25 – 12:00 noon – Conde de Gondomar Trophy – Erizana Trophy

* 2 tests Windward – Leeward
(or alternative coastal tour) for all groups and classes.

Sunday, July 25 – 6:30 p.m.

* Awards


6.2 On Sunday, July 25, no departure will be given later than 4:00 p.m.

6.3 3 tests are scheduled for all groups and classes.



7.1 ORC ratings will be established in accordance with RTC rule 204

7.2 For J80 the classification will always be in real time.

7.3 The 46th COUNT OF GONDOMAR TROPHY – GRAND PRIX ZELNOVA ZELTIA BANCO SABADELL, will be awarded to the winner of the joint general classification of the Conde de Gondomar ORC Trophy group.

7.4 The Erizana Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner of the Erizana ORC Trophy group, the winner of the one-design J80 Erizana Trophy group and the figaro class group.

7.5 There will be a classification and a trophy for each of the classes that are finally formed from ORC.

7.6 In the Figaro class, if there are a minimum of three female crews, the winner will have a Trophy.

7.7 The Real Time Winner of the Carrumeiro Stage will be awarded a Trophy.


Appendix A and the low scoring system outlined in Rule A will apply.

4.1 of the RRV, with the following specifications:

8.1 No races will be excluded in the scoring of each boat.

8.2 The coefficient in the long race Baiona – Carrumeiro – Baiona will be 1.5; in the Vuelta a Ons or Camouco Stage it will also be 1.5, while in the rest of the tests it will be 1.0.


9.1 Daily safety and measurement controls may be carried out by the Technical Committee.

9.2 The responsibility of attending this regatta having previously updated its Measurement Certificate, measuring the material with which it is intended to participate, is exclusively the registered skipper.


10.1 The safety of this regatta will be considered as Category 3 for the Carrumeiro stage and 4 for the other stages (see categories on the RFEV website, cruise documents) in accordance with the Special Rules for high seas regattas of the RFEV. W.S.

10.2 All boats must be equipped with a VHF radio with channels 16, 71 and 72.

10.3 It will be the obligation of the person in charge of each boat to comply with the legal regulations established for recreational boats, both in general and special, for their government, dispatch and security.

10.4 Wake Tracking and Security Program.

All participants must be connected to the live monitoring program of the regatta, through the free application that they will download on their mobiles, during the completion of all the tests. In this link you can follow the instructions

It will be very important to provide mobile battery chargers or a mobile connection to the ship’s battery to charge when the phones are below 20% of their battery.


They will be indicated in the TOA before the departure of the first test.


Royal Decree 62/2008 has the conditions of maritime safety, navigation and human life at sea applicable to nautical-sports events.

Participants are warned, before the start of the tests, that the boats can only participate if they are legally dispatched to navigate the waters through which the test will take place and if their skippers have sufficient qualifications for their government.

Participants must declare, adequately in advance of the start of the race, the insurance taken out, if applicable, including the risks covered and the limits of liability in accordance with the Notice of Regatta, being covered for participation in nautical races. -sports.


The image rights of the regatta are the sole and exclusive property of the MRCYB.

Any advertising action that does not have the express authorization of the organizers is prohibited.


All regatta participants do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The Organizing Committee or any person or body involved in the organization of the event, rejects any responsibility for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that may occur to people or things, both on land and at sea, as a result of participation in the tests covered for this Notice of Race.

Attention is drawn to Fundamental Rule 4, DECISION TO RACE, of part 1 of the RRS which states:

“It is the exclusive responsibility of a boat to decide whether to participate in a test or continue racing”

MRCYB – June 2021




The trophy ceremony will take place on the terrace of the MRCYB, once the final general classifications have been published, after finishing the tests on Sunday, July 25 (6:30 p.m. approx.).

The schedule for the various events will be as follows:

Friday, July 23 – 7:30 p.m.

*Throughout the night until the end of the Carrumeiro stage, broth and fried eggs with chorizo will be served to the crews as they arrive.

Saturday, July 24 – 7:30 p.m.

Seafood dinner (according to COVID restrictions). It will be put in the TOA how it will proceed.

Sunday, July 25 – 6:30 p.m.




The boats whose registration is accepted in this regatta will have a reserved and free mooring or anchoring place (mooring under the exclusive responsibility of the owner or skipper) during the celebration of the event, from July 18 to 28. For any special case regarding docking, contact Roy Alonso (tel. 615999718)

The MRCYB reserves the right to assign berths to vessels in strict order of registration, based on their size and draft.