Baiona opens the most massive Prince of Asturias Trophy in recent years


· Six of the eight participating categories inaugurated this Friday the thirty-seventh edition of the event organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates and the Escuela Naval de Marín

· Xekmatt, Marias, Sailway and Deep Blue 2.1 are the first leaders of the four ORC divisions that competed today in the waters of the Vigo estuary

· The Solventis J80 and Gestilar Ladies Cup classes will open on Saturday after not having been able to complete any test due to the instability of the wind

The Gadis ORC 5 and Vanguard ORC Open divisions will complete tomorrow a fleet of almost ninety teams fighting for the prestigious Prince of Asturias title

The most awaited regatta of the cruise season in Galicia started in Baiona. The 37th Prince of Asturias Trophy, organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club and the Naval Military School, completed the first of three days of competition this Friday, and did so by inaugurating the ABANCA ORC 1, Volvo Autesa ORC 2 class markers , Oils April ORC 3, Martin Miller ORC4.

As the reports pointed out, the wind did not miss its appointment in the regatta area located in the Cíes anchorage. Although it did so with less intensity than expected, the Regatta Committee was able to complete the first windward-leeward race with the start around half past three off Cíes, and did so in conditions of between eight and ten knots of intensity which diminished as the afternoon progressed.

The monotypes, for their part, did not have the same luck and it will be tomorrow when they open their boxes in the star competition of Galician sailing.

Portugal rules in ABANCA ORC 1

In the ABANCA ORC 1 division, the first day of the Prince was resolved with victory for the Portuguese Xekmatt, led by Hugo and João Prista and representing the Lisbon Naval Association. The IMX 45, which also has the Olympic Afonso Domingos among its ranks, was the third to cross the finish line in real time, but in compensated they achieved a tight advantage of less than a minute over Julio Rodríguez’s Magical (Real Club Náutico de Vigo), who placed second in the provisional general standings. Behind, the absolute winner of the last edition, the Aceites Abril of the brothers Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal (Real Club Náutico de Vigo), started the thirty-seventh edition of the Prince closing the provisional podium in the third drawer.

The Portuguese Xekmatt hopes to win his second Prince of Asturias – Photo Lalo R Villar

“We are very happy with today’s result and the crew was very good”, explained Hugo Prista at the end of the day. The patron of the leader in ORC 1 also added that “it has been ten years since we got our first and only Prince title, so without a doubt we are going to do everything possible to get it again, although for this it is also necessary that the rivals win it. allow”.

ABANCA sponsors this thirty-seventh edition of the Prince – Photo Lalo R Villar

The Marías del Monte Real, first in Volvo Autesa ORC 2

Just as tight was the Volvo Autesa ORC 2 division with three leading teams separated by just one minute and fourteen seconds. The local team Marias, commanded by Manuel Maria Cunha, became the first leader of the class after crossing the line in third position and obtaining almost a minute of advantage over the second with the compensation of times. Second place is currently held by the Arroutado del Real Club Náutico de Portosín, led by José Manuel Pérez Santamaría, while third place goes to the Yessito del Monte Real Club de Yates, which has a Portuguese crew led by Rui Ramada.

The Aceites Abril ORC 3 class starts with dominance of the Sailway

The partial victory for the Aceites Abril ORC 3 division was not easy either. Ramón Ojea’s Sailway (Club Marítimo de Canido) became the first overall leader this Friday after a very tight first round.
Behind, just 30 seconds behind those from Ojea, the second position in the race and therefore in the general classification went to José Francisco Edreira’s Urbapaz (Club Náutico Cabanas), who managed to beat the Portuguese Milaneza by Diogo Talone for just a second.

Martin Miller ORC 4-class

There were no surprises in Martin Miller ORC 4. Vicente Cid’s Deep Blue 2.1 from Vigo opened the classification by placing at the top, although he did so with an Alma do mar by Sadamar by José Manuel Enríquez (Club Náutico Cabanas) squeezing into second place, three seconds behind those of Cid. third position, on the other hand, was this Friday for the Unus of Luis García Trigo, also of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.

Blank day for Solventis J80 and Gestilar Ladies Cup

Less lucky were the participants of the Solventis J80 and Gestilar Ladies Cup classes. Although the weather forecasts indicated that it would be a good windy day, Eolo did not get involved in the regatta course located in Cabo Silleiro or inside the bay of Baiona, so after several attempts and with a test already underway, the Regatta Committee was forced to end the day without being able to complete the first scheduled tests.

The J80 fleet made several starts but could not complete any tests – Photo Lalo R Villar

Alfredo González, crew member of the J80 GP Bullhound and recently proclaimed Snipe world champion in Cascais, explained after returning to land that “Although the wind was very difficult, the Committee did very well and we were able to have a good attempt that helped us to see which boats are going to be ahead. We come here with the aim of getting in tune for the World Cup in Newport, winning or not winning will depend on how we do it, although it is not our main objective now “.

The Gestilar Ladies Cup went blank on the first day – Photo Lalo R Villar

It will therefore be tomorrow, Saturday, when the monotypes open their competition program to fight for the thirty-seventh Prince of Asturias.

Tomorrow, second day of regattas and delivery of the prestigious National Sailing Awards

Tomorrow, Saturday, the Gadis ORC 5 and Vanguard ORC Open categories will join the fleet that already debuted today on the regatta field, which will inaugurate their markers by completing the first of the two coastal regattas that they have in their program.

With the eight categories in contention, there will be a total of eighty-nine teams that will take to the water to fight for one of the most coveted titles of the cruise season in Galicia. One more year the Open fleet will include the club’s adapted sailing team with a crew from the Juan María de Nigrán Center.

The event will also feature the celebration of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards gala. At 8:00 p.m., the village of Monte Real will host a new edition of the prestigious awards, where the best athletes and teams of the season will meet. The gala will be attended by José María Fonseca Moretón, president of Terras Gauda; José Luis Álvarez, president of the Baionese club; Naval Captain Pedro Cardona, Commander Director of the Naval School; Walter Álvarez, territorial director of ABANCA; Gorka Gómez, Deputy for Sports; Marta Fernández-Tapias, delegate of the Xunta in Vigo; and Carlos Gómez, mayor of Baiona.

The 37th Prince of Asturias Trophy is being held under the organization of the Monte Real Yacht Club and the Escuela Naval Militar and thanks to the sponsorship of ABANCA, the Xunta de Galicia through Xacobeo, Terras Gauda and Gestilar. The competition also has the collaboration of the Pontevedra Provincial Council and the Baiona City Council; the Royal Spanish and Galician Sailing Federations; and the support of companies such as Solventis, Volvo Autesa, Aceites Abril, Zelnova Zeltia, Paradores, Vanguard Marine, Gadis, Foxy, Onda Cero, Musto, the Solitium group, HOLA, Tuypan, Coca Cola and Martin Miller’s Gin.

Monte Real Yacht Club Naval Military School
Baiona, 2-4 September 2022

ABANCA ORC 1 class

1. Xekmatt Hugo and João Prista Lisbon Naval Association
2. Magical · Julio Rodríguez · Royal Nautical Club of Vigo
3. April Oils Jorge and Luis Pérez Canal Real Club Náutico de Vigo


1. Marias Manuel Maria Cunha Monte Real Yacht Club
2. Arroutado · José Manuel Pérez · Royal Nautical Club of Portosín
3. Yessito Rui Ramada Monte Real Yacht Club


1. Sailway · Ramón Ojea · Maritime Club of Canido
2. Urbapaz · José Francisco Edreira · Cabanas Yacht Club
3. Milaneza Diogo Talone Atlantic Sailing Club


1. Deep Blue 2.1 · Vicente Cid · Royal Nautical Club of Vigo
2. Alma do mar by Sadamar · José Manuel Enríquez · Cabanas Nautical Club
3. Unus · Luis García Trigo · Royal Nautical Club of Vigo