The Galician Optimist Championship – Baitra Trophy will be held in the waters of the Bay of Baiona from February 22 to 24, 2020, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates (MRCYB) by delegation of the Royal Galician Sailing Federation (RFGV) , General Secretariat for Sports, Galician Sports Foundation and the Galician Association Optimist International Class.


The regatta will be governed by:
to. The rules as defined in the WS Racing Rules of Sailing 2017–2020 (RRV).
b. Regulation of Competitions and System of Classifications of the RFGV.
c. International Optimist Class Rules [NP][DP].
d. The Measurement Instructions (IM) that are part of the Sailing Instructions.
and. Appendix “P” of the RRS will apply.
F. Rule 40 of the RRV (Personal Flotation Device) is applicable at all times while afloat. [NP][DP].
g. This Announcement (AR) and the Sailing Instructions (IR), the latter prevailing in case of discrepancy between the two documents.
h. The infraction of the Rules in AR and IR of this event indicated as[NP] It will not be a reason for protests between ships. This modifies Rule 60.1(a) RRS.
i. The infraction of the Rules in AR and IR of this event indicated as[DP] indicates that your penalty may be lighter than disqualification if the protest committee so decides. The abbreviation for the discretionary penalty imposed pursuant to this instruction shall be[DPI] .
J. The penalty for infractions of the IR indicated as[SP] they will be fixed, without hearing and imposed by the Race Committee, in the most recently completed race, applied as indicated in Rule 44.3 RRS (modifies Rules 63.1 and A5 of the RRS).


2.1. This Galician Championship is reserved solely and exclusively for boats of the international Optimist class.
2.2. The Galician Championship will be closed.
2.3. The Categories will be those indicated in point C.2.1.1. of the RFGV Classification System:
• Category sub13, Male and Female.
• Category sub16, Male and Female.


3.1 Participants must meet the eligibility requirements reflected in regulation 19 of the WS and in the prescriptions of the RFEV to said regulation.


4.1. Participants may display advertising in accordance with the provisions of WS Regulation 20.
4.2. The Organization may require the participants to display the sponsor’s publicity in the form that is convenient and that will be provided to them before the regatta, not being able to manipulate or modify said material under any circumstances.


5.1. Multiple registration for the sailors and technicians of each club will be carried out through the SailingControl platform, at the link
5.2. Entry fees are set at €15 per sailor.
5.3. Registration fees will be paid by bank transfer made in favor of,
. account: 2080-0559-23-3040003658
Concept: “CG Optimist inscription; Club and number of sailors/coaches”.

5.4. The transfer receipt will be sent to the following email:
5.5. The registration deadline is Wednesday, February 19, 2020.
5.6. Registrations received after this date must have the approval of the OC and will pay a 50% surcharge on the registration fees.


6.1. The coach of each Club will have to register and personally sign the Registration Form at the Regatta Office before 12:00 noon on February 22, 2020.
6.2. The Registration of each sailor (can be delegated to the coach) is conditioned to the presentation before the appointed time of the following documents:
6.2.1. Valid Certificate of Measurement of each Optimist (the first 30 classified of the official ranking of the class).
6.2.2. Federation athlete license 2020.
6.2.3. In the case of non-Spanish sailors or sailors without legal residence, third-party civil liability insurance with a minimum coverage of €300,000
6.2.4. Card of the Spanish Class Association.
6.2.5. Proof of payment of the corresponding registration fee.
6.2.6. Duly completed measurement sheet, mandatory for the top 30 classified in the official class ranking.
6.3. The registration of coaches is conditioned to the presentation, before the time indicated in AR 6.1, of the following documents:
6.3.1. Federal Technician License 2020
6.3.2. Technician Degree according to what is indicated in point A.10 of the RFGV Competition Regulations.
6.3.3. Certification for the management of the boat.
6.3.4. Third-Party Civil Liability Insurance in force for the vessel for a minimum coverage of €300,000. and for all crew members on board.
6.3.5. Certificate of navigability or ROL of the vessel in force.
6.3.6. They will have to be equipped, as a minimum, with an operational VHF radio with channels 09 (156.45 Mhz), 16 (156.80 Mhz) and 72 (156.62 Mhz).6.3.7. They will have to wear approved life jackets for each and every one of those who go on the pneumatic.
6.4. The Organizing Committee (OC) reserves the right to admit or reject the registration of a boat and/or trainer.


7.1. The event program is as follows:

7.2. On Monday, February 24, 2020, no exit signal can be given after 4:00 p.m.


8.1. It will be navigated with the group system (Blue and Yellow) of the RFGV Competition Regulations
8.2. 9 sleeves are scheduled, of which at least 3 must be completed for the validity of the Galician Championship.
8.3. No more than 3 tests per day will be held, except if the Race Committee deems it appropriate to comply with the program.
8.4. The route to be carried out in a trapezoidal way will be specified in the IR.


9.1. The Low Score system described in Appendix A4.1 of the RRS will apply.
9.2. There will be one (1) discard from 4 or more races held.


10.1. ALL PARTICIPANTS (regardless of their group) will be required to have their safety equipment in order according to class standards (
-1 approved vest,
-1 whistle attached to the vest,
-1 or more bailers individually tied to the hull, with rope or elastic,
-1 Pagaya or oar tied to the hull,
-1 floating mooring rope of at least 5mm in diameter and 8 meters long,
-1 rudder insurance,
-1 daggerboard insurance tied to the hull with rope or elastic,
-1 mast insurance,
-the 3 operating floats,
-The straps for operational floats,
-The operative hanging straps.
10.2. 6 STICKERS will be given to ALL PARTICIPANTS (regardless of their group), at the time of registration confirmation, which they must put on the STARBOARD SIDE OF THE MATERIAL THAT THEY ARE GOING TO USE DURING THE CHAMPIONSHIP:
1-On the starboard side of the Mast in the area closest to the peak.
2-On the starboard side of the Pico in the area closest to the mast.
3-On the starboard side of the Boom in the area closest to the junction with the mast.
4-On the starboard side of the rudder in the highest visible area.
5-On the starboard side of the daggerboard in the highest visible area.
6-In the hull, on the starboard side of the thwart just next to the mast.
10.3. THE FIRST 30 CLASSIFIED IN THE RANKING will have to present the measurement sheet (Annex I), duly covered and signed, together with the “valid hull and sail certificate”, at the time of registration confirmations.
10.4. Boats, sails and crew must be available to the Technical Committee both in the water and on land, for possible inspection throughout the event. It will be the responsibility of all the participants to verify in the TOA (in the same term as the presentation of protests) if they have been called to a measurement control in the tent enabled for it. 10.5. Any change of material or damaged equipment must be previously approved by the Race Committee, following the regulatory procedure:
• Request for change through a form to the official meter.
• Damaged material must be checked by the official measurer.
• The replacement material must be presented to the official measurer after the end of the last regatta of the day.
10.6. Scheme of Daily Measurement Controls:
A) On the esplanade and during the DOCKING of the boats.
B) During the course of the REGATTA. Pre-start, start, during the test.
D) Controls on land of the boats designated by the measurer, whose sail numbers will be published in the TOA immediately upon returning from the sea, within the established period (IMPORTANT VERIFICATION OF THE TOA).
10.7. The official meter of the championship will be at the disposal of participants and coaches at all times, to clarify any questions about measurement and/or class standards.


11.1. The Clubs’ boats will have free docking at the event facilities during the days of competition provided they have been registered in accordance with section 6.3 of this AR and have expressly requested it.
11.2. All boats must be identified at all times with the flag of their Club.
11.3. All coaches and team support personnel will be required to wear life jackets while afloat and have the VHF operational at all times during the regatta.


12.1. The RFGV plaque as Galician Champion will be delivered to the first classified according to the existing categories (see AR 2.3)
12.2. The detailed list of the titles and prizes to be awarded in the event will be exposed in the TOA before the first test begins.


13.1. All participants in the Regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.
13.2. The Organizing Committee or any person or body involved in the organization of the event, rejects any responsibility for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that may occur to people or things, both on land and at sea, as a result of participation in the tests covered for this announcement of race.
Attention is drawn to Fundamental Rule 4, DECISION TO RACE, of RRS Part 1 which states: “It is the sole responsibility of a boat to decide whether to participate in a race or continue racing”.
13.3. All sailors, technicians, companions and support staff are reminded of the obligation to maintain ethical and environmental conduct to preserve the environment, failure to comply with this rule will lead to action by the Regatta Committee or the Protest Committee (SP ) (NP).
13.4. Royal Decree 62/2008 has the conditions of Maritime Safety, Navigation and Human Life at Sea applicable to nautical sports tests, which will be applicable at all times.


14.1. All participants, owners, skippers and crews assign the image rights to MRCYB, RFGV and their sponsors for their use.


15.1. This AR may be changed by the Organizing Committee for reasons of force majeure


– The Championship Awards Ceremony will take place at the MRCYB facilities, 30 minutes after the General Classifications are published on February 24, 2020.
– The MRCYB will give all sailors and coaches during the days of the event (as long as they register as indicated in AR.6) a provisioning.